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Munich District: Pasing

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Munich District: Pasing
Район Мюнхена: Pasing (Пазинг)

Residential area with great prospects and affordable prices

The Pasing district is one of Munich’s busiest and fastest growing areas. Here is the square of the same name Marienplatz and the large Hbf Pasing train station. Pasing combines the best features of the Bavarian capital: here you can see the quarter of representative villas, a green park with a natural landscape, a shopping quarter and cultural diversity.

One of the main points of the district, is known throughout Munich and its borders, the largest mega-center “Pasing Arcaden”. Here you can “get lost” in a huge variety of brands and services provided or have a good time after fruitful shopping in one of the cozy cafes with a cup of aromatic coffee.

The historic building of the railway station in Pasing, where a cozy restaurant is now located, is a famous landmark of the area. The very first Pasinger Bahnhof station opened in October 1840, a representative building of red brick appeared a little later. Not far from the lively Marienplatz square, there is another iconic landmark – Congregatio Jesu Convent. For walks in the fresh air, you can choose the medieval Blutenburg Castle, built more than 500 years ago. The castle is surrounded by a moat – and served the Duke Albrecht III as a hunting house. His chapel is known for real works of art: an altar, glass windows and a statue of the Blutenburg Madonna.

Since 1983, the international youth library has been located there.

In Pasing there are general educational institutions: more than four gymnasiums and eight schools.

The transport hub of the Hbf Pasing station, which receives about 900 trains a day, serves as an important departure and stop point for high-speed trains IC and ICE, uniting all of Europe. Thanks to the A99 and A96 autobahns, Lake Constance will easily go for a weekend to Switzerland or Liechtenstein, Lake Constance, avoiding numerous traffic jams, and a well-developed transport network consisting of an electric train, tram, bus lines and U5 metro lines will soon provide mobility to Pasing residents. The Pasinger Fabrik – cultural center with a theater, concert venue and modern exhibitions offers an interesting pastime for children and adults.

Pasing’s architectural style is very diverse: from the epoch of grunding to modern new buildings, residential townhouses for one or two families have recently been very popular. The price of apartments in new buildings ranges from 5 to 7 thousand euros per square meter. The average rental price is 15-16 euros per square meter per month.

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