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Munich District: Nymphenburg-Neuhausen

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Munich District: Nymphenburg-Neuhausen
Район Мюнхена: Nymphenburg-Neuhausen (Нимфенбург-Нойхаузен)

Prestigious Royal Flair Residential Area

The Nymphenburg-Neuhausen district is an indicator of special status. A many-sided area with restaurants and beer gardens, amazing architecture, neatly trimmed green hedges and atmosphere. Here you can find residential representative buildings, about half of which are protected by architectural monuments. In the southern part of Nymphenburg-Neuhausen you can find residential areas of post-war architecture. The area is popular with tourists. People strive here to enjoy the beauty of the palace and park complex Nymphenburg. In front of the main entrance is a picturesque pond with white swans. In Nymphenburg, the luxury and aristocratic spirit of the royal house of Bavaria, the Wittelsbach dynasty, “hover”.

The acquisition of real estate near the palace and the unique park is a cherished dream of many Munichers. Mostly young wealthy families with children buy and rent real estate here.

Nymphenburg Palace was founded in 1664 and built in the style of Italian Baroque. The picturesque park area is a classic example of landscape design in French and English styles. In addition to the palace itself, on the territory of Nymphenburg there is a summer and hunting pavilion, a bath house, a grotto, a real peasant village and other buildings. The entire ensemble is a protected architectural monument. Nymphenburg Palace used by the Wittelsbach dynasty as a summer residence.

Five cavalry houses converted into private apartments. The rent of which reaches 26 euros, with a purchase of up to 18.000 euros per square meter. Experts predict that in the next 10 to 20 years, the cost per square meter may double.

Living in this area means walking through the park with its shady alleys every day, admiring the magnificent flowerbeds and fountains. Land here is a real rarity, which are sold without getting on public display. Less exclusive buildings are located between Nymphenburg Park and Friedenheimer Bridge.

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