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Munich District: Lochhausen

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Munich District: Lochhausen
Район Мюнхена: Lochhausen (Лоххаузен)

Affordable Scenic Area

Lochhausen is a calm and green area located in the western part of Munich. The life of the district takes place with measured daily routine. Lochhausen, like a magnet, attracts the inhabitants of Munich, tired of the bustle of the city and looking for pleasure in peace and harmony with nature. A wide variety of scenic parks and recreational areas are located in the immediate vicinity.

Only in Lochhausen you can feel the unique flavor that has survived to this day: small residential buildings with green areas and outbuildings. It seems that urban life flows away from Lochhausen. This is what impresses citizens who want to live a quiet life, in close proximity to the center of Munich.

Until the mid-20th century, Lochhausen was just a small village that has retained its flavor to this day. Small farms operating within the city limits are truly rare for the pulsating capital of Bavaria. The S-Bahn train line running through Lochhausen provides uninterrupted transport links to Munich’s central areas. S-Bahn delivers quickly and without change to your destination.

Nowadays Lochhausen is actively developing. Previously, only private houses or compact two or three-story townhouses were preferred here, but now you can meet other residential new buildings. The cost per square meter is affordable and attractive for young families with children. In Lochhausen you can find real estate with its own green area, breathe in the clean rural air, while not missing comfort.
Reasonable cost per square meter – a real success for buyers who dream of their own real estate. At the moment, you can rent an apartment for 14 euros per square meter, the average purchase price is an average of 6.700 euros.

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