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Berlin District: Steglitz-Zehlendorf

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Berlin District: Steglitz-Zehlendorf
Район Берлина: Steglitz-Zehlendorf (Штеглитц-Целендорф)

Steglitz District: a promising area with a convenient location

The Steglitz District attracts with its well-developed infrastructure, architectural diversity and regularity of life. In one District, everything necessary for a comfortable stay has been created and collected. The central Schloßstrasse with a sales area of over 200,000 m² is considered Berlin’s largest shopping boulevard. In addition to major shopping centers such as das Schloss, Forum Steglitz, SS Center, Boulevard Berlin and Karstadt, there are many private stores. Nearby are cafes and restaurants, sports clubs and cinemas. A large number of children’s sections and circles, medical offices and hairdressers.

Thanks to the developed infrastructure: about 10 bus lines, the U-9 subway (direct connection to Kurfürstendamm street) and the S-1 city train can be at your destination in a matter of minutes.

Residential real estate in the area is in great demand and rental potential. The cost per square meter in the secondary housing stock is from 2.000 to 3.500 euros, in new buildings from 2.600 to 4.500 euros / m2.

The Zehlendorf District: an area of wealthy Berliners and people with wealth

The area is one of the favorite places of residence among wealthy foreigners and German citizens. Here you can feel a measured and calm life with all amenities. Historic mansions and villas, green spaces and numerous ponds give the impression of a spa town. The infrastructure of the District is maximally developed. On the main street of Teltower Damm there is an excellent selection of grocery stores and cafes, as well as bank branches and medical offices. Afford real estate in this area can only wealthy citizens. The average purchase price is about 4,700 euros per square meter. The new residential complexes of the Zelendorf District are modern low-rise townhouses with terraces and first-class infrastructure.

Dahlem District: luxury villas and student spirit

Dahlem is one of the richest areas of Berlin. Dahlem is located in the south-west of Berlin, there are historical buildings and beautiful green parks. Only here you can find a combination of old villas of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and modern townhouses in harmony with nature. A large number of bio-shops and bakeries, family restaurants, clean rivers and lakes, several high schools with teaching in English and German, medical institutions, proximity to the cultural capital of UNESCO, Potsdam – characterize the quality of the area and its residence. Dahlem has many attractions and museums. In addition, many important international research institutions have settled in the Dahlem Science Center. U-3 Dahlem Dorf Subway Station was named Europe’s Most Beautiful Station in Japan in 1987.

Here is also the largest German higher education institution “Free University of Berlin”/Freie Universität Berlin, where about 36,000 students study. A diverse number of research centers and students brings a special spirit to the daily life of the area. There is also a research institute named after Max Planck and the International Archaeological Institute.

Prices for the purchase of real estate in this area are among the highest. When buying an apartment, you should focus on the actual cost per square meter, which is at around 5.900 euros / m2, and when buying a villa – about 7.350 euros per square meter.

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