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Berlin District: Pankow

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Berlin District: Pankow
Район Берлина: Pankow (Панков)

Prenzlauer Berg: a bohemian area with galleries and vintage

The lively Prenzlauer Berg is a region of cosmopolitan and creative intelligentsia. Only here you can meet new food trends in countless cafes and restaurants, and Oderberger Straße and Kastanienallee streets have become the platform of Berlin’s fashion brands and young designers. The appearance of the District is unique quarters with historical buildings of the beginning of the XX century, preserved and restored.

Prenzlauer Berg at the beginning of the 19th century earned a special reputation: the first brewery appeared here, private textile factories and numerous factories worked. Prenzlauer Berg was a pioneer District. This is reminiscent of the impressive industrial buildings of red blade bricks, which have become centers of modern art, cinemas or luxury residential buildings. It attracts young and wealthy families with its diverse infrastructure: restaurants, cafes, bars, educational centers for children and much more.

Demand for real estate is great: successful and young people seek here. The cost per square meter in the secondary market is at around 3.400 euros, in a new building from 3.300 to 6.300 euros / m2. It is possible to rent an apartment from 11 to 17 euro / m2 per month.

Pankov: favorite District of the GDR-ovsky elite

Pankov is perhaps the most populous area in Berlin. At the time of the GDR, the seat of government was located here, and party leaders lived in historic villas, but history has remained in the past. After the reunification of Germany, artists and modern politicians took a fancy to the area. There is even a village of diplomats, where next to family villas you can find residential buildings in art nouveau.

Pankov District attracts buyers of residential real estate with affordable prices, picturesque and green parks, silence and measured life. Well-developed infrastructure, which includes shopping and social facilities. Transport is represented by all types. Due to the proximity to the Humboldt University and the direct metro line, rental housing is also very popular among students.

The average cost per square meter is slightly lower than in Prenzlauer Berg and amounts to 3,700 euro / m2, in a new building about 4,080 euro / m2.

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