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Apartments in new buildings: Purchase and Payment

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Apartments in new buildings: Purchase and Payment
Агентство недвижимости "INTECO Real Estate": Квартиры в новостройках: этапы покупки и оплаты

New homes and residential complexes in Germany are in great demand. The most attractive feature of new buildings is, first of all, a high class of energy saving and modern amenities. These benefits are very much appreciated by the people of Germany.


Evgenia Kulikova

CEO and expert of INTECO Real Estate

«Buying an apartment in a new house is a very profitable investment for foreign investors. Every second buyer of INTECO Real Estate wants to invest his capital in a new apartment. When we are approached by a client who has a budget of about 400,000 Euros for purchase, we carefully listen to his wishes, draw up a complete picture and offer the best options in construction projects.»

Why are apartments in new buildings in demand among foreign buyers?

As a rule, foreign buyers are interested in buying an apartment in new buildings for rent, because the rental market in Germany is known for its unshakable stability. Thus, according to statistics, more than 54% of German residents live in rental housing for a long time, and these data remain unchanged from year to year.

What is the advantage of a new building over secondary apartments?

Flats in a new building can be rented much more expensive, than in a secondary fund. The new apartments are very comfortable, with underfloor heating, video intercom, good noise insulation, storage rooms for residents and rooms for strollers on the ground floor. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised, that this is the standard for all new buildings in Germany. In new buildings of a higher class of comfort there is a concierge service, a sports hall and many other amenities. Tenants, of course, are more likely to rent new apartments.

In addition, as you know, in beautiful old houses in central urban areas very often there is no elevator and not every tenant likes to climb the 4-5-6 floor every day, in new buildings there are simply no such problems. An elevator is available on all floors, including an underground garage and terrace.

And, finally, the most important point why a new building is more profitable than a secondary apartment – invest in the purchase of a new apartment, you can be sure, that in the next 15-20 years there will be no repair work or major repairs, so the owners do not incur high additional costs, but only make a profit from the lease.

We always advise our clients to pay attention to apartments with 1 or 2 rooms, they are the most profitable investments in terms of the ratio of cost and expected income and always in price, since in large cities in Germany, very many people live alone.

Apartments in new buildings: Purchase and Payment

How is the purchase of housing under construction?

We coordinate with the client the arrival dates and present exposes of projects under construction, that deserve attention. We show the visualization of the house and the plans of the apartments.

It is very important for us, that before buying our client receives a complete impression of the project. Upon arrival in Germany, we visit the construction of a new building, talk about the area, its inhabitants and average rental prices.

The demand for new housing is so great, that apartments are sold out in a matter of time at the excavation stage, so it is very important to put on reservation the suitable flat after visit.

After the reservation, our agency prepares all the necessary documents for the purchase and agrees the term with a notary. All sales transactions in Germany are performed by a notary public, which is an independent person. As a rule, for each residential project, developers work with one notary, who is engaged in the sale and registration of the ownership of this residential project. For the buyer and the builder, this is an additional plus, as one expert knows the whole specific object.

After signing the contract, the notary will pay the first installment of about 25%, according to the construction stage. The last payment is made, when the buyer receives the keys to the new apartment. An important feature of buying a new building in Germany is that the buyer makes payment in installments. The developer does not have the right to accept 100% payment for an object not yet built.

Payment for housing under construction takes place in 7 trenches according to § 3 Absatz. 2 MaBV “MaBV. Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung, Rus. “Decree on brokers and contracting construction companies”:

* Indication in % of the total cost

  1. Partial payment of 30% after the start of land work
  2. Partial payment of 28% after the construction of the frame of the house and work on the rooms.
  3. Partial payment of 12.6% after the construction of the roof, drainpipes, installation and glazing of windows.
  4. Partial payment of 6.3% after conducting electrical wiring, installing a heating system and plumbing.
  5. Partial payment of 9.1% after finishing plastering, floor screed, ceramic tile lining
  6. Partial payment of 10.5% after finishing the facade, completing the construction of the underground garage and basement.
  7. The final payment is 3.5% upon final completion of the construction of the house and the infrastructure adjacent to the house.

Apartments in new buildings: Purchase and PaymentWhy do foreign buyers choose Germany for investment in new buildings under construction?

Reliability and security, including in the development, are the most important factor for investors. Each residential project is guaranteed to have a building permit and is agreed with the city administration. The construction of housing is carried out in accordance with high German standards and norms. Moreover, German developers give a 5-year building guarantee after putting the house into operation, such a responsible approach is inherent in the development in Germany.

Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised, when they find out that apartments in Germany are rented with a turnkey finish and elite plumbing, and there is no need to pay extra for this. These construction services are always included in the price of apartments, and this saves foreign buyers from any hassle. They can immediately get a finished apartment and start renting it out.

Which cities are most attracted by foreign investors?

The most popular cities for investment are by far Berlin and Munich. Berlin attracts by so far affordable prices and high population growth due to the annual influx of highly qualified specialists who are in urgent need of rented housing.

Munich is very attractive. The city has a special atmosphere, and many customers want to buy property only in Munich, despite the high prices. In addition, Munich has high ratings in the world market, and this is an important factor.

Apartments in new buildings: Purchase and Payment

Where do you help clients buy real estate?

Our company provides qualified support in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and the popular cities of Germany – Dresden and Leipzig. We advise on all issues related to the acquisition of new buildings and gradually help to buy new build apartments.

And the last question, what other positive aspects do new housing in Germany have?

Here I would like to mention the three most important advantages, in fact there are even more of them.

Some developers honor the old tradition of organizing a Richtfest holiday when the house is “overgrown” with walls and a roof. This is a tribute to the builders and workers who build your homes. New owners are invited to Richtfest, and you can meet your neighbors, go to your future home and become part of this pleasant tradition.

Decorating your own apartment is a special pleasure! When buying a new apartment and depending on the stage of construction, you will receive an invitation letter to visit the exhibition centers. These are specialized halls with elite samples of tiles, parquet and plumbing. You can choose from several proposed options not only materials, but also the future color scheme of this or that room and this service is stipulated in the purchase agreement and does not require additional payment.

It is important to know that, unlike problems with obtaining a loan for the purchase of “secondary” housing, German banks without special difficulties can give mortgage for non-residents to finance the purchase of real estate in new buildings.

Buying modern apartments is a worthwhile investment with a long term!

By contacting INTECO Real Estate, you will get the most profitable options for new buildings at a price from the developer! We help our clients arrange bank financing on the best conditions and take care of saving your time and budget.

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