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After-sales service

After-sales service
Агентство недвижимости "INTECO Real Estate": Берлин. Жилой комплекс с консьержем и квартирами премиум-сегмента (фото 4)

After accompanying the purchase and sale transaction, INTECO Real Estate becomes your reliable assistant in solving any organizational problems in Germany:

  • renting an apartment or commercial property
  • residential or commercial property management with reporting in English
  • organization of consultations with German specialists
  • selling your property at a bargain price without the fees

We are always at the service of our customers during adaptation in Germany! With us you will find the best assistant in solving practical and everyday issues related to life and business in Germany.

After-sales service when buying an apartment in a new building:

  • Our company’s specialists control the stages of building a house and paying trenches throughout the process
  • on the guarantee of our customers, we accept all correspondence from developers and conduct the necessary communication
  • we select reliable potential tenants
  • we conduct a thorough check of their financial status
  • we prepare the signing of a lease

In Germany, relations between tenants and owners are clearly regulated in the Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, abbreviated. BGB)

After-sales service when buying an apartment:

It is very important for foreign owners of a rental apartment to have their own assistant in Germany, who “on the spot” controls the receipt of the monthly rent from the tenant, receives correspondence from various services and represents interests at the annual meeting of apartment owners – this service is called Sonderhausverwaltung in Germany (with it). “Special housekeeping”) is a convenient service, since for a small fee it is possible to entrust all the maintenance of the apartment to a qualified specialist who will make current and annual reports to the owner.

The cost of a special housekeeping is 30-40 euros per month.

Our company works closely with a management company that provides a comprehensive apartment management service for English-speaking buyers and provides reporting in the investor language.

After-sales service when buying an apartment building:

Each house in Germany has its own house management (WEG Verwaltung). These responsibilities are usually carried out by private organizations (Hausverwaltung) specializing in the professional management and maintenance of residential multi-apartment buildings.

By becoming the new owner of an apartment building, you can, at your discretion, transfer the management of the house to a new management company (Hausverwaltung)

The competence of the management company includes:

  • proper cleanliness of the whole house
  • utility services
  • preparing an annual business plan (Wirtschaftsplan) and holding an annual meeting for the owner / owners
  • control over minor repairs or major refurbishment of the building
  • the management company receives from the tenants monthly utility bills for garbage removal, cleaning the entrance and the territory and sends it to the appropriate services
  • remote provision of brief and detailed reporting on the facility management in the German and native language of the owner

After-sales service for the purchase of commercial real estate:

The purchase of commercial property means for the buyer not only a profitable investment, but also raises the question of how to carry out an efficient investment business in Germany without being on its territory? INTECO Real Estate provides private and institutional investors with professional commercial property management services.

Tasks that INTECO Real Estate solves in the framework of management in the commercial sector:

  • Control of monthly rental income and lease performance
  • Rent increase in accordance with the terms of the lease
  • extension, conclusion of a new lease
  • Calculation and optimization of technical operating costs
  • Rental Management
  • Monthly accounting with the ability to remotely track incoming and outgoing payments
  • Regular reporting for the owner in Russian and German
  • Preparation of an annual tax report by a tax consultant

Evgenia Kulikova

CEO of INTECO Real Estate

«Based on our experience and special knowledge of the company’s experts, we not only successfully complete the list of tasks for effective commercial business, but also actively apply expert assessment in the management process. The specialists of our company monitor the latest innovative implementations and the market situation and, if necessary, carry out management optimization and improvement in order to maintain high competitiveness.
INTECO Real Estate is always at your service»

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