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About us

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About us

INTECO Real Estate is a team of motivated and professional real estate experts. Our company covers the full range of services regarding the search, purchase, and ma-nagement of residential and commercial real estate in Germany. We bring each customer request to a successful purchase.

The main priority of INTECO Real Estate is the transfer of extensive knowledge, expe-rience and connections into the achievement of a profitable purchase of a real estate in Germany by our customers.

О компании
"INTECO Real Estate":

We will carry out all the work for you so that the search and purchase of a real esta-te in Germany will become a pleasant and relaxed experience for you. You only have to choose the dates of arrival.

We approach our work with German precision and attention to detail. All necessary documentation for a notarial transaction is carefully checked and prepared by our company. After the purchase, we remain your first address to be contacted in Ger-many. For our clients, we offer services for the management and rental of residenti-al and commercial properties. We help in any matter related to the purchase of the real estate, no matter whether it is a question of obtaining a residence permit in Germany or is this a solution to the domestic situation.

What we offer for you

With us, you get the personal selection of the best properties up to your request and a first-class 360° service

Buy new build apartments

The most popular type of investment in residential real estate in Germany. Purchase and payment processing. Turnkey new apartments →

Investments in commercial properties

How to invest profitable in Germany. Tips and guidance explained by the leading expert of INTECO Real Estate. Types of commercial investments →

After-sales service

Our services: rental and management of residential and commercial properties. Selling your property without real estate commission →

Residence permit in Germany

How wealthy foreign citizens can settle in Germany. Opportunities and conditions for future residents →

Our team

We bring each customer request to a successful transaction

Евгения Куликова

Evgenia Kulikova

CEO, Real Estate Expert
Елена Хешке

Elena Heschke

Commercial Director, Real Estate Expert
Янг Цхао

Yang Zhao

Real Estate manager for Asian Investors
Йорд Риндерманн

Jörg Rindermann

Marketer, Investment Analyst

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Statements of our experts about the real estate market

The real estate market in Germany sets new records. In 2017, the turnover from real estate sales amounted to a record of 240 billion Euros, 40% of foreign investors entrusted their capital to Germany, the most reliable country in Europe.

Evgenia Kulikova

Evgenia Kulikova CEO

The German real estate market, with its stability and reliability, has been attracting foreign buyers for decades. These two criteria are always constant and enjoy great demand / never go out of style. We see it as our main task to help our customers to understand the mechanisms of the German real estate market and to acquire a lucrative property.

Elena Heschke

Elena Heschke Commercial Director

When investing in foreign real estate, it is very important to recognize the potential of the property and to assess the situation from the current perspective and in the long term. If the prospective buyer only pays attention to the given basic data of the property, the best offer can sometimes be missed.

Jörg Rindermann

Jörg Rindermann Investment Analyst

In order to be successful, it is important to be guided by two principles: use effective and targeted methods and be open to new and innovative solutions. Balance is the key to success.

Yang Zhao

Yang Zhao Real Estate manager for Asian Investors

The German real estate market is constantly experiencing new developments. Observing, analyzing new tendencies and to be part of these market mechanisms enriches our experience and knowledge.

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